Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sick Day 8/365

People always say things like "I wish I was a baby again" or "Life is so easy for babies."
I don't really think these people know what they are talking about. It's hard work being a baby. You have to learn things like how to walk with out falling or running into things. You have to try go get the people that are bigger than you to pay attention to you and understand you and you don't even speak their language. And the hardest of all... you have to make teeth.

Today Baby is making teeth. She's had a high fever all day long and has not felt good at all.
Daddy tried to cheer her up as much as her could. She got to sit and watch her baby videos between naps. And the dog did what he could to cheer her up.
Even though Bonnie Rose wasn't in a good mood (for her) and really didn't feel well she still keeps a good attitude and is never too sick to give her mama kisses.
Life is hard being a baby. But at least she has her Nana and her Dada to cuddle her when she doesn't feel good. And she can have all the Mama's milk she wants.

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