Thursday, January 20, 2011

SNOW!! 10/365

Well Baby is still not feeling well today. It looks/feels like she's cutting two large molars on the bottom. It's made her very grumpy and very needy. and it's been exhausting for her.
Today we tried to take her for a drive to cheer her up. I think she enjoyed getting out of the house. But she was still tired and not feeling well. And I don't think she liked me sticking the camera in her face. Here's a grumpy face she gave me.

But even in her discomfort she's been extra cuddly. And she's been getting lots of cuddles and kisses.

After we got home from our drive it started to snow! Baby and I laid in bed and watched the snow fall.

Now we have over 3 inches of snow and a beautiful full moon. I just hope baby feels better tomorrow.

Baby still has a fever of 104.5 (40.3c)
We are setting the alarm for every 3 hours again tonight to give her medicine to keep the fever down. It gets really high at night. She's so sweet and perfect, I just wish she felt better. she get's so upset by the flavor of the medicine. She's nursing almost constantly.

On the positive side though, it's kind of sweet how she's reverting back to infant like behavior. Ok. Off to bed we go. Please pray for her.

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