Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny Days 19/365

 I know I just wrote about how wonderful the snow was a couple of days ago, but today was blue skies and almost 60(F) degrees! (15C)

The weather in Middle Tennessee is so much fun. The snow is beautiful but melts off before it has time to get gray and disgusting and then it's sunny and warm!
So today we all spent the day out side. William and my dad worked out in the field all day and took advantage of great weather for pouring cement and doing fences.

While me, Baby and my mom (Nana) spent time in the yard with the animals.

With all the cold weather the goats and dogs were feeling a little neglected. Usually my mom goes out and sits with them and pets them and makes sure they all feel loved.  They were all so happy to have her sitting in their midst.

When Baby and I met her outside she looked like Dr. Doolittle with all the animals all climbing on her at once.  Of course Baby wanted to get in on that action too.

Bonita Rose had so much fun watching and petting  every one. She wanted to try and chase the goats around but they were too fast for her.  

Here's a picture of Baby Girl doing the sign for "Goat". That's how she would tell me that she wanted me to carry her to be closer to them.

 After we spent a good bit of time with the goats, we decided what we needed was a good picnic lunch. So we called the boys in and made Angus hot dogs and Dad's Famous BBQ Chicken. 

Oh, and Sweet Tea. After all, this is The South.

It was so wonderful to be able sit in the sun and enjoy our lunch together. I really love that about farm/country life. William can work all day but we still see him for lunch!

Baby got to have a treat too. She really likes V8. We call it Nana's Juice.  She also likes drinking from the glass by her self. She's such a big girl!

I will leave you with this adorable picture of Bonita Rose giving the goats a look. She's so much fun!

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