Friday, May 30, 2014

Rosie Turned 4 -- Seven Months Ago

As I was looking through old blog posts I realized that I never posted about Rosie's Birthday!
There are lots of other events that I never posted about... but Rosie's Birthday seems really important so I wanted to post it here.

Rosie, my little 6lb 13oz baby girl that changed my world forever, turned 4 years old.

I'm not even sure how that happened.
The first gift Rosie opened was a box from William's parents.  It was a box of marshmallows in all different sizes and spaghetti noodles.
It's actually and educational thing. People build all kinds of crazy structures with them and it's quite fun.
You know what else is fun? 
Eating them.
Especially when they are as big as your face.

Here's a random picture of Obi with a really large sweet potato. Rosie loves sweet potatoes so I guess we had that for dinner... but I don't even remember. I just thought this picture was super funny.
When I asked Rosie what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday she said she wanted a butterfly cake and princess Belle cupcakes.
Here are her cupcakes. 
We had them for breakfast.
Here's is the birthday table that was waiting for her when she woke up.
Rosie enjoyed reading each one of her cards. She loves cards.
She was also pretty excited about this Princess Ariel sweater I got her at Disney World.
Showing it from another angle.
Rosie's Godparents stopped by in the morning and dropped off a card that came with this blow up Minnie hat.
Both the kids enjoyed playing with it.
William got Rosie a Disney Fairy sticker book. She loves stickers.
William's parents also sent Rosie a rocket shooter with nerf rockets. 
Yup. She was pretty excited about.
I got both Rosie and Obi crowns and swords when we were at Disney World the month before.
Our little Prince.
She said she was a Pirate Princess.
Then Nana came out with this really big box that she'd been hiding. Rosie let Obi help her unwrap it while Nana held the computer with Papa on Skype/Facetime so he could watch.

We took a lunch break to have butterfly shape sandwiches.

Then we all sat on the floor with Papa on Skype/Facetime and played with the castle (that was in the big box from Nana and Papa).

I think Papa really enjoyed just watching Rosie play.

Our little Prince and Princess
Then it was time to go outside and shoot off some rockets.
Obi was very good about fetching the rockets...
...and cheering when they went extra far.
And playing with the cat.
And just being adorable.

Speaking of adorable, look at this happy Princess and her Daddy.

Silly girl.
It's hard work shooting off rockets, so it was time for a milkshake break.

And then time to play on the yard toys.
It's always an extra special day when Daddy comes out to play.

And then it was time to eat cake!
Here's the butterfly cake Rosie asked me to make.

Our happy little Princess
And her adorable smile.
Isn't she precious!?
"I want that piece, Mommy."
Naturally we had tea with our cake.
Rosie also got to pick out the party cups and plates for her party.
Naturally she picked Princess cups and pink plates.
I know these are really old pictures but I thought it was a specially enough event that I wanted it posted here.  I will do more resent events from now on.

Rosie is now much taller than she was in these pictures. She's wearing a size 6 now, she's so tall!

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