Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oscars Party 2014

 A week before Obi's birthday was our annual Oscars Party (March was a very busy month).
We had quite a few people coming to our party at first, but then that day there was a huge snow and ice storm (Snowpocalypse 2014) so most people ended up not being able to come.

However, the Bussell family did brave the Snowpocalypse and we all had way too much food and a really great time. Father Michael came too but for some reason I didn't get any pictures of him in his tux.

First up, as always, was the red carpet.

Lane looked very dapper all dressed up for the party. He is one of my very favorite little boys. He's so sweet.

If you're wondering why I'm holding a wooden spoon it's because that was my microphone for the Red Carpet Interviews.

Questions included: Who are you wearing? What is your pick for best film? and various questions about "projects" guests had work on in the previous year (i.e. Britney "stared" in The Birth of Nora...while Eddie was the Producer).

Here's Britney and baby Nora looking lovely.

Britney was voted "Best Dressed Leading Lady" at this year's Party. Training for her half marathon this year really paid off.

Rosie was a perfect Princess, as usual. 

I really love this picture of us.

I can't remember what questions I asked my mom in her interview, but apparently I was pretty funny.

Mom looked so glamorous that night. I was very impressed. 

William was our photographer but we managed to get a picture of him this year. He looked very handsome.

Everyone needs a family Oscars picture on the Red Carpet.

Macy is one of the sweetest little girls I know. I love having her in my Sunday School class. I was very impressed with her Frozen princess dress. Apparently she'd gone through several costume changes that evening before settling on this one.

Good choice Macy.

As I mentioned before, there was a really bad ice storm going on outside that evening so the Red Carpet was moved inside.

We all managed to stay nice an warm and didn't get our hair messed up.

Britney and Eddie looking sweet together.

I know this picture is blurry but I just thought it was such a cute picture.
 Obi was very excited for the evening festivities and especially loved dressing up and posing on the Red Carpet.

 Here he is posing with Oscar.
Isn't he just adorable?!

 Probably the most important part of our Oscars Parties is the food.
We had a fabulous menu this year that, as always, went with the themes of nominated movies.
I've included our menu and some food shots below.

Masquerade Themed Oscars Party
March 2nd 2014
Pizza – Her
Broccoli Salad – The Hobbit
Meat Meteor Meat Balls – Gravity
Aunt Mae’s Cranberry Anti-Gravity Jello Salad – Gravity
Blue Jello “Ice Cubes” - Frozen
Bubblin’ Crude Sheet Cake – Dallas Buyers Club
Blackberry Cobbler – 12 years a Slave
Candy covered popcorn and Butter Popcorn – Nebraska
Fruit Kabobs – Captain Phillips
Chocolate Covered Coconut Cannon Balls – Captain Phillips
 (American) Truffles – American Hustle
Chocolate Irish Stout CakePhilomena
Frozen Rainbow Sherbet Punch – Frozen
Champagne – Wolf of Wall Street

Jello "ice cubes" for Frozen

Our Drinks Station. There was something for everyone. 
As you can see it's divided into alcoholic and non alcoholic sections.
With Sherbet punch in the middle.

Rosie really wanted her picture taken with the Jello cubes. She helped make them.

Everyone made their own personal Pizzas before the show started. 
The Pizza ended up winning "Best Food"

Here was our voting station for "Best Dressed Leading Lady and Leading Man"
 and "Best Feature Film (Food)"

 While the adults watched the Oscars and kept score of what was winning, the kids played in the play room.
They had a very grand sword fight.
We also showed the movie Frozen for the kids and we had "Room on a Broom" for them to watch as well. That was one of the nominated animated shorts and it's SO cute. If you get a chance to look that one up you totally should. It's adorable.

Since the Oscars was actually the Sunday before Ash Wednesday (the begining of Lent) we decorated in Mardi Gras colors this year. 
William did a wonderful job with the streamers and decorations.
 It wouldn't be the Oscars with our Oscar Ballots. 
Britney and I tired for most number of correct picks.
 And my dear sweet Obadiah took home the Oscar for Best Dressed Leading Man.

Even though it was very blustery that evening and the party was a bit smaller than expected, we all had a wonderful time. 
I look forward to our Oscars Party every single year and we always have so much fun putting it on. 
The show it self was very fun and we all enjoyed Ellen as the host very much. 

Mom and I are already making plans for next year's party so keep and eye out for that perfect dress or out fit and be ready to have a wonderful time next year.

I'm always open to new ideas for our Oscars party, especially in the area of the Menu, so please let me know if you have any ideas.

See all you Glamorous people next year!

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