Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Little Adventurers

There's pictures were taken a few days after Obi's Birthday.

He was having so much fun riding his little bike down the hill.

It is so much fun living on a hill.

Rosie really wanted to get Obi his own head lamp for his birthday. She and Nana both have on and wear them to go out and feed the goats at night.
She picked this one out all by her self just for Obi.
He obviously loves it and like to wear it any time of day.

Here's an adorable picture of Rosie "playing the flute" for me in the goat pen.
 and even though it was still a little chilly out, we were all very ready for Spring to come and needed some sand box time.
My babies are so great at making up their own little adventures. I think we were digging for dinosaur bones that.

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