Monday, May 26, 2014

Easter 2014

The day we took down our Christmas tree (which is rather later than most people) Rosie started talking about Easter and the Easter Egg Hunt at Church.

She was sad that Christmas was over but she knew that we had to make room and get ready for Easter (even if it was 2 months away).

All during Lent we talked about getting ready for Easter, what we would eat, planned our menu and what we would wear.

Rosie wanted donuts for Easter and she had her dress picked out for a month before. She also found a lovely pink hat she wanted to wear.

We also talked about what Easter was all about and did Stations of the Cross with her Sunday School class.

So when the big day finally came we were very ready.

All the kids did a good job sitting through the slightly longer than usual church service, and then it was off the to the big hunt.

I'm always amazed how rude and greedy parents can be at these things. Do they not realize they are teaching their kids really bad behavior when they act like that.

Anyway, my kids were perfect and perfectly adorable of course. And really most of the other kids were great too.

Obi did a great job hunting on his own. He was a little slower than Rosie since this was his first year that he could really participate on his own. But he had a wonderful time and he was so stinking cute.

Rosie was a lot harder to keep up with because she was so fast and all over the place. I'll think twice about wearing heals next year.

It was such a beautiful day. Just exactly what you want Easter to be. Sunny but not too hot, but still warm enough to wear Springy Easter dresses. 
It was just perfect.

William and I actually got a picture together this year, thanks to my friend Britney.
 Family Picture!
 This year we had an extra special treat. The Easter Bunny showed up at the Hunt!!
All the kids thought this was great fun... well most of the kids. There might have been one kid who was afraid of him.
Rosie and Obi and little Macy were pretty excited though and loved getting their picture taken with the bunny.
 Obi couldn't get enough of the Bunny. He kept posing for pictures.
 Rosie and Macy are special friends. 
They are the same age and in Sunday School together. 
They are so sweet.
 In the Catholic Church Easter lasts 8 days and Easter Season lasts 50 days (till Pentecost).
A few days after Easter Sunday, Rosie asked if we could have another Easter Egg Hunt.
I figured since it was still technically Easter that we could have another Hunt. (OK. So I would have said yes anyway.... but it was a good excuse.)

So we gathered up all our empty plastic eggs and I found some chocolate chips to put in them and hit them around the back yard.
Here are my lovely children waiting patiently in the laundry room while I hide the eggs.

So we had a second Easter Egg Hunt (except Mommy made the eggs a lot harder to find than the nice girls at church).

After a long day of playing outside and hunting for eggs, both my babies were completely warn out. 
Obi feel asleep on the floor while playing with his fishing pole...
 and Rosie passed out in my rocking chair while watching a show.
So that was our beautiful Easter with my Beautiful babies.
Obviously it was a lot of excitement and work and we were all tired afterwards, but it was totally worth it and completely wonderful.

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  1. Yep! Those nasty rumors that I heard about you are at last confirmed. You are a good, errr, FASTASTIC mom. Keep up the good work, please.