Thursday, May 8, 2014

Obi Turns 2

As I look back on my blog to the time when we first moved back to the States, I realize that my blog was a lot more interesting. Or at least updated regularly.
Back one I only had one baby, and no friends, and didn't do much, and was generally not that busy.
So it would appear that the less interesting my life is, the more interesting my blog is.

These days my life is pretty full and very interesting. Which seems to mean I don't update my blog as much as I'd like too...

 I know this is super late, but I wanted to share Obadiah's 2nd Birthday (way back in in March).

I can't believe our little Prince is already two years old. That went so fast!

Actually as I look at these pictures today, just a couple of months later, I'm struck by how much more he has grown. He looks like such a baby in these pictures!

Naturally a birthday always starts with some presents and come birthday pancakes.
And of course, the Birthday Hat.

And Kisses for Mama!!
And cards.

Obi LOVES clocks. Especially Cuckoo Clocks. So I got him a little toy one. He was pretty happy with it ....

Until he opened his gift from William's parents...

They sent him an actual cuckoo clock with the Tennessee State bird. A Cardinal.

He was very excited about that.

My mom also got him a real cuckoo clock in the classic style.
We have them set a few minutes apart so Obi likes to run from one room to the next on the hour to watch the bird come out.

Obi also loves music and he loves to play the piano. So we got him a little key board. He was so super excited about this. He loves to play and dance.
Here's a video of a very happy Obi dancing to his music.

I made Obi a Cuckoo Clock cake.
Here's a picture of the clock my mom got for Obi. I tried to make the cake look like it.
It's kind of our family tradition to go for a long slow walk with the goats on birthdays.

Look at my beautiful people. Don't they just make you happy?

Obi loves riding Daddy.

Even though it was March, usually spring for us, it was still cold and everything was still brown.
We had a really long and weird winter, as every one did.

And then it was cake time!
Rosie said we had to have the number 2 as well as two candles. It's more fun to blow out that way I guess.
Yes, that is a very huge piece of cake for such a little boy.
He did seem pretty happy about it though.

We had a very lovely day and now our little baby is 2 years old. We all went to bed after eating way too much cake. But we did remember to leave some cake for breakfast the next morning.
It's not a birthday with out cake for breakfast the next day!

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