Monday, May 19, 2014

Family Day in the Goat Pen -- Photo Dump

Way back when it was still Winter, a few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon in the goat pen taking pictures.

We mostly took pictures of the goats but we also took pictures of our adorable babies.

I'm just going to post them all here for your enjoyment.
There are a lot and yes these are old... but they were just too cute not to share.

I'll get some more resent pictures up on the blog soon.

Playing in the calf hut
 I always think he looks funny yet so handy in his cover alls.... they are VERY warm. I tried to wear them once but they were way too big and I couldn't walk. I looked like Rosie when she tries to wear my clothes.

 We really liked taking pictures in this try for some reason.

 back when I had pink hair... I need to do this again
 Me and my Little Man
 Mommy's squeezing the baby again.
 Isn't she just so stinking sweet!!!?

I need to go out and take some pictures of the everything all green now. You wouldn't believe what a difference a few weeks and some rain can make. It's so amazing living in a place so lush like Tennessee after growing up in California where there was always in a drought.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my precious babies!

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