Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

In the Catholic Church each month is dedicated to a different special "devotion". It's designed to help us focus on and pay special attention to specific aspects and gifts of our Salvation.

The month of May is dedicated to Mary and many Catholic Churches practice the ancient tradition of Crowning Mary.  It's actually quite beautiful.
In our church all the children of the parish bring flowers from home and process into church at the beginning of the service and place their flowers around Mary.

It's really adorable. I have never gotten a picture of it because I'm always in the procession with the kids making sure they don't wander off...  it is totally adorable and precious.

In our church one of the 8th grade girls then places a flower crown on Mary.

Usually the Mary Crowning takes place the first Sunday of May, but this year we did it on the second Sunday. Which, appropriately, was Mother's Day.

I think that made it a little extra special because all the kids dressed up with their flowers, being adorable, at the beginning of the service. And also because it kind of put an extra emphasis on Mary as a mother. And that was sweet.

Our Mother's day was a very sweet one this year. William made me breakfast after church and the kids gave me little gifts they'd picked out for me.

Then after a wonderful nap we went back over to the church to take pictures of the flowers and Mary because I'd forgotten to do it earlier.

Rosie really wanted her picture taken with this orange rose that she said looked like a flame of fire.

Obi feel asleep on the way to church, even though we only live seven minutes from church, so that's why he's asleep in these pictures.

That's ok though. I just wanted a picture with my babies.

Aren't they adorable!?

It really was a perfect and peaceful Mother's Day.

If you're interested, the other Monthly Devotions are below:

January is the month of the Holy Name of Jesus And/Or The Childhood of Jesus
February is the month dedicated to the Holy Family
March is the month of devotion to St. Joseph
April is dedicated both to devotion to the Eucharist and devotion to the Holy Spirit
May is the month of Mary
June is the month of the Sacred Heart
July is the month dedicated to the Precious Blood of Our Lord
August is dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament, also the Immaculate Heart of Mary
September is traditionally dedicated to the Seven Sorrows (or Dolours) of Mary
October is the month of the Rosary
November is dedicated to the poor souls in purgatory
December is dedicated to Advent and the coming of Christ And/Or The Immaculate Conception.

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