Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chattanooga Aquarium

 Sometimes when William travels he goes somewhere interesting and within driving distance. This means we get to tag along.

When Spring was just arriving he had a job in Chattanooga. He worked very hard that week and the kids and I played very hard that week.

One of the places we'd been meaning to visit for a while was the Chattanooga Aquarium.
It's one of the top rated Aquariums in the country and it was wonderful.

There are two buildings, one for fresh water fish and one for ocean creatures. In the fresh water building the kids got to see what it was like to be in the middle of a fish tank. 
Most of the aquarium was hands-on and very kid friendly and very stroller friendly. 
This place was fantastic.
 In the ocean building they also had a butterfly habitat. It seems like a weird place to find butterflies but Rosie was very excited about it. We'd visited one in Memphis last year and Rosie had been asking if we could visit another.

The butterflies flew all around and even landed on us.
 Rosie was happy to see they were well fed with hanging fresh fruit.
 They even had a window where we could see into the chrysalis incubation. 
Our favorite ones looked like little jewels.
 Rosie watched very carefully as a new butterfly tried to learn to fly.

Obi loved the turtles. He was actually quite happy about them but gets very serious for pictures. He loved just watching them swim. He ran from tang to tank looking at the different turtles.
 But our very favorite was the penguin exhibit.
 We spent a very long time playing with the penguins. They loved swimming up to the glass and playing with the kids.
Each penguin had bands on their flippers that were color coded and a poster told us what each bird's name was. Rosie was super excited to find out that the penguin that played with us the most was named Flower.
 There were also some fun hide outs and corners
 After a long day with the fish and penguins we met William for ice cream and dinner (in that order)
 and took pictures of the flowers just to prove that Spring had indeed arrived.
 Chattanooga is a really fun place and the Aquarium is amazing. 
We will definitely be coming back here again.

(They took this picture of us against a green screen when we first arrived and put fun back grounds behind us)

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