Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Rosie -- The Big 5! (Photo Dump)

Can you believe this little thing grew up to be our big girl Rosie?! 

This past weekend our dear sweet Rosie turned 5 years old.
 I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said she wanted to play games, but she DID NOT want to play pin the tail on the donkey or fly kites.

So we talked about what kind of games she wanted to play and came up with some fun carnival type games.

The day before her birthday she and Obi painted some of the props for the games.
Rosie painted the bean bag toss game all by herself. She did a really great job.
On the morning of her birthday she woke up early and announced "It's my birthday!!"

We had pink oatmeal for breakfast and pumpkin spice cupcakes (because you can't start a birthday with out some kind of cake).

We also had balloons, and there might have been an excessive amount of gifts.

After breakfast we opened presents!
Rosie got a lot of dinosaur things, which she LOVES.
Then Rosie gave a present to Obi.
He was having a rough time not having anything to open, even though Rosie was really wonderful about letting him help her.

He felt better after he go this own gift too.
He go a stuffed tack-hoe ("just like daddy's") and the book Night Night Construction Site.
Rosie got a sand art kit and was really excited about making some sand art. She was also super generous about giving half the kit to Obi.
Such a sweet girl.
Nana gave Rosie a life size Lumiere (from Beauty and the Beast) that lights up.
He's our new favorite night light now.
He also comes to tea parties.
The Dinosaur pop up book was a huge hit. She looked at every page before wanting to unwrap another gift.

Something she'd been wanting for a long time was this mermaid magnate doll.
She opened that one up right away and played with it for a while before moving on to another present.
Sometime last year William bought one of those indoor/outdoor tents with a tunnel. 
We never got it out because we were always saving it for a special occasion or need.
Rosie happened to see it in the closet last week and asked about it.
So I thought this would be a fun time to get it out. 
It's getting colder and the kids have been sick, so they can't go outside if it's too chilly.
So I got out the tent. 
Obi was so excited about it he carried it from the living room to the kitchen after all the gifts were open.
He wanted to play with it.
He also wanted to play with the puppy. 
They are special buddies.
William got the kids a volcano experiament kit. 
That was fun.

For lunch we had pink egg salad sandwiches. 
Rosie's "favorite sandwich ever" and we ate outside.

Rosie's little friend called her to wish her a Happy Birthday.
Their little conversation was so sweet.
Then it was time to play games!!
We started with the bean bag toss.

Everyone played. Even the grown ups.
Nana was really good at it and didn't miss a single one.
Then we had the fishing for prizes fish pond.
Rosie got a couple of cute prizes, including this baby bottle for her doll.
Obi thought it was great fun too and kept pulling the string back too soon.

Then it was pumpkin bowling for ghosts.
Rosie had been looking forward to this game all week.

We had so much fun playing this one. It was so funny. Obi ended up just rolling the pumpkin by hand into the toilet paper rolls and knocking them over with it.

Rosie got really good at throwing the pumpkin hard and fast into the rolls.

There were prizes for the kids after every game. 
The kids got books for the bowling game.
Then it was time for the rest of us to play.
It was actually quite fun throwing a pumpkin.
I very much recommend this game.
Then we had races. 
Abby (the puppy) raced too and even got some nice doggie bone prizes.
Obadiah's last prize was his very own baby doll.
He was very very happy about it.
And he even got a little baby bottle for her.

Obi hasn't put the doll down since. 
He insists it's a baby girl and her name is Dolly.
Rosie was very happy about her baby bottle and Princess Ariel.
She's carried both of them around with her all week and even took them to church with her.
Then we played in the play house. 
Here Obi is changing the baby's diaper.
The kids wanted Daddy to come in the play house with them but he was too big. So he sits right outside the window.
Even though the prizes were all gone, the kids had a lot of fun playing the games again.
We got out the plastic fish and played the fishing game for a long time.

For dinner Rosie wanted spaghetti.
And cake of course. 
She'd told me months ago that she wanted a flower cake with pink petals and a yellow center.

Such a big girl now.

It was a really fun day, even tough Mommy get's really tired lately. Rosie said it was her best birthday ever.
The kids played outside most of the day and when it got too chilly they played in their new little tent in the living room.

So our little teeny tiny baby is a lovely tall girl of 5 now.
I really don't know where or how that happened.
Looking back on old blog posts this week I've really enjoyed seeing her little face change from the round cheeked baby face to the lovely little girl of 5 who loves science and all things pink. 
She really is amazing.
Happy Birthday my little Rosie.
You'll always be my baby.

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