Thursday, October 30, 2014

BOO-Fest Our First Trick or Treating of 2014

 Happy Halloween!

One thing we enjoy more anything for Halloween in the downtown Main Street Tick or Treating in a near by town.

It's usually a week before Halloween and starts at 5pm till about 5:45. The whole things ends in a local park with a costume contest. They close off Main Street and the kids get to walk from shop to shop trick or treating.

We actually like this better than Halloween night. It's still light out. The street isn't too long and it's just fun to wear our costumes out with everyone else.

Obi got to be Captain Hook and Rosie decided to be a purple fairy.

Mom was a wizard. I was Mother Earth, and William was Peter Pan, so her could sword fight with Captain hook.

Our little Captain Hook fell asleep on the way so he was carried by Peter Pan for a while. Luckily we went a bit early so we could do some shopping before the shops closed. So Obi didn't miss anything.

 Our Halloween Family Picture!

 One of the local churches on the street had these decoration in their front yard. We thought they were really fun so we stopped to take pictures of them.
They are made out of round hay bails.
 Rosie didn't want to stand in front of the Frankenstein one, she said it was too scary.
Obi is making his pirate face.
 Peter Pan and Captain Hook
 Since we got there so early we even had time to stop for a lovely snack and treat at the coffee shop. Rosie loves going to the coffee shop and getting her "pink coffee."
 Trick or Treating on Main St.
 In the park the trees were so lovely.
 We didn't want to participate in the costume contest but we did want to watch everyone march in costume parade.
 We sat in the park under the trees and looked at everyone's costumes...
 admired the trees...
 ate candy...
 made pirate faces...
and had a sword fight.

Afterwards we went to Walgreens and bought some Gluten Free Candy to switch out most of the candy the kids had received and then headed home.

 It was a fun evening and even more fun that we get to do it a whole week before Halloween. 
Rosie is calling this Halloween Week. So I imagine we'll be in costumes and doing fun Halloweeny things all week.
We do love our Holidays.

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