Thursday, October 9, 2014

Obi Dresses Himself

 Every morning I tell Rosie to pick out her clothes for school. She always comes up with cute and interesting combinations.

On this particular morning Obadiah decided he wanted to pick out his own clothes too. He came walking out of the closet with his red button down shirt and tie, announcing "I want my ribbon on."

He then disappeared back into the closet and after much grunting emerged wearing his gray wool pants.

I didn't even know he could put his own pants on!!

So here it is. At two and a half Obadiah picked out his own outfit and was very dashing.

We then decided to go to the book store. What else are you supposed to do with a kid this handsome but take him out in public?

He wore he tie/ribbon proudly all day long.

After the book store we went on a coffee date.

Obi is always very serious about his "coffee."

 Actually, neither one of us drink coffee so he's drinking a "children's soy steamer" with strawberry syrup in it.

We call it a Pink Coffee.

Doesn't he look like a little professor or business man sitting there so serious with his coffee?

He even looked like a little old man napping in his chair.

Of course after dinner he insisted on being naked.
That seemed like a good contrast actually.

Our silly little man. He definitely keeps us smiling.

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  1. He looks like SUCH a little man with his little outfit on. Too funny and cute. The naked picture reading the book is need to put that away for future viewing. :-)