Monday, October 6, 2014

Puppies and Music

Meet the newest member of our family.

Her name is Abby. She's an English Shepherd.

The kids are having so much fun playing with her and learning how to take care of a new puppy.

It's very good practice for the new baby coming in November.

The kids love doing everything with Abby and she loves doing everything with them. She's really wonderful at sitting between them in the car.
She's especially attached to Obi.
Here he is reading to her in the car.

Another fun new thing we are doing is music classes.
Each of the kids are in a music class where they learn about beat and rhythm and, in Rosie's class, how to read music notes.

This picture is of our first day of class. Both kids were very excited and Rosie really wanted to wear her tutu in case there was dancing (there was).

Obi saw Rosie getting her tutu on and ran to the dress up box and got his out.  So both kids wore their tutus for the first day of music class.

They were, of course, the most festively dressed.

Here are a couple pictures I took at one of their Music classes. This is actually Obi's class but Rosie likes to participate too.
 They are dancing to Hindi music with flags.
I love the mix of international music and activities we get to do each week.

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