Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Best All Saints Day Party Ever

Today, November 1st,  is All Saints Day.

All Saints Day is the day we celebrate ALL the Saints in heaven, whether we know them or not.

I like All Saints Day because it's ANOTHER excuse to have ANOTHER dress up party.

Two years ago we had the best All Saints Day party ever.

I know these are really old pictures but I never shared them with you so I thought I would now.

Besides, this year I'm way too pregnant to plan a party this. Hopefully next year we'll have another one.

The Catholic Church has this funny group of Saints called "The Incorruptibles." It's a group of Saints that, after they died, their bodies haven't decayed. It's a bit morbid, which of course makes it hilarious to me.

So our family dressed up as Super Hero Incorruptibles... kind of a play on The Incredibles.

Yes. We are very silly.

We printed the names of the Saints we were representing on iron on paper. I was St. Catherine

Here's my little Rosie.

She was such a baby!

What's a party without tons of food? We had lots of food including lots of cup cakes with a different Saints' card in each one.

Everyone did such a great job dressing up.

I think this St. Bernadette or St. Theresa

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary was a queen. So we had her "gems"

Each table had a different Saint theme.

St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland.
So we had St. Patrick's Sneaky Snakes.

St. Lucy had her eyes gouged out. ... so naturally we had St. Lucy eyes to snack on.

I believe this was St. Cecilia's piano.
She's the patron Saint of music.

This was made out of finger cookies.

Here is one of the tables. 
That's a picture of St. Elizabeth of Hungry.

William and Obi in their costumes. Can you believe how little Obi was?!

St. Patrick made an appearance

As well as St. Christopher (with the infant Jesus?)
He was helping out with Saintly Ring Toss.

St. Joseph came with his tools ready to fix anything that needed fixin'

And the cutest Joan of Arc ever was there too.

We all prayed the Litany of the Saints together and went around saying our Saint's name.

St. Bernadette was looking rather lovely,

and so was another, more grown up, Joan of Arc.

We played Saintly Musical Chairs. 
I wish I had a video of that one... it was great fun.

And we had pictures of as many saints as we could all over the room.

Oh man. I wish I could remember everything that was on the tables. Kaity did an amazing job at finding snacks to represent so many of the Saints.

This one was my favorite.

Playing Saintly Musical Chairs.

More table snacks and decorations.
These are spicy cinnamon candies for "Anti Beauty Secrets"

Even though we had games, sometimes kids just want to run around like crazy monkeys. 
Silly babies.

Here's William helping with Pin the Shamrock on St. Patrick.

Several people did A LOT of work to make this party super super fun. My friends Kaity and Alyssa put all the tables and Saint snacks together on top of planning their Halloween party the night before.
My friend Jodi planned a lot of the games.
My friend Britney made Saintly good bags for every one to take home.
And everyone pitched in a brought great food.

This really was the most fantastic party and I was really happy with how many people came and dressed up and helped celebrate the Saints. 

One of the main reasons to celebrate the Saints is to learn about everyday, real people who can help inspire us to make our own lives more holy.

I don't know about anyone else, but I know I sure learned a lot about different Saints through this party and was definitely inspired.

I'm looking forward to next years All Saints' Day Party.

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