Monday, May 30, 2011

Surrounded by Love 134/365

This three day holiday thing is quite fantastic.  We didn't do much of anything... except eat, but it was wonderful to just hang out and talk and even nap.  Before everyone showed up we made a good plan for all our meals so that when everyone got here we knew exactly what we were going to feed them.  That cut out the "what should we have for dinner" question and it was great for making sure we had enough food for everyone to get stuffed (a MUST in family gatherings and good hosting).

In between meals every one played outside and enjoyed sitting around drinking ginger ale. William and my mom made homemade ice cream and baby and I took long naps. Everyone slept as late as they wanted, it was nice to not have to wake up early. It was perfect.

Last night we talked about renting a movie or playing a game, but then we decided to just sit around and talk and watch the boys play video games. Which was much more fun anyway since me and mom hate board games.

Of course Dad stuck with tradition and fell asleep before 9pm. It was just like old times. (he did also work outside all day and had some horrid allergies, so it's understandable)

Today, after sleeping in and eating a late breakfast (a MUST for holidays and vacations) everyone headed home.
Uncle Stevie was a huge favorite with Baby Girl. She always smiled and laughed when he was around.
She's a pretty big fan of Auntie Annie though too. Rosie loved getting her nails painted, watching Annie put on her make up, and even helping Annie pack. I know Baby Girl will miss them both.
She was very excited to see Papa and would say "PAPA" every time she heard him laugh and then go off to look for him. She finds him very entertaining and I think she loves having someone around that likes being outside almost as much as she does.
It was a very nice weekend, even if it was just a couple days. We laughed, we ate, we all gained five pounds and now it's back to work, school and real life.
Thank you for coming everyone! We will miss you and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy Summer!

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