Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer Arrives and so do late Birthday Presents 120/365

Summer has arrived in Tennessee and it pretty hot. It's not a bad hot so far. Not a stifling hot like Shanghai was... not yet anyway.  But just the same, minimal clothes are preferred.
Baby Girl doesn't seem to mind the heat though. As long as she can be outside she's happy. She was even happy enough to smile and dance with me.
Something else that arrived was birthday presents!
I love it when gifts arrive "late."  It makes the special occasion they are supposed to honor last that much longer.
William's parents sent me a pile of gifts, among them was a pink Snuggie! (it's a blanket with sleeves!) I'd been wanting one ever since my brother told me how awesome they were two Christmases ago. 
I was so excited to get it that I turned on the Air Conditioner so I could put it on for a picture.


  1. Ummm, I hate to scare or disappoint you, but this isn't summer. It's not even close to hot yet.

  2. oh dear. baby is already having trouble sleeping. she gets so hot at night.