Friday, May 13, 2011

Aaand We're Back...121-122-123/365

Blogger was down for a couple of days there so I couldn't post anything.  I have three days to make up here, but luckily most of our days look alot the same.  
One thing that was fun the last few days was the number of packages that came for me. That was very fun and exciting and made my birthday extra special. Every morning I had something new to open for my birthday. None of the packages, however, had a "From" name on them so it was a fun guessing game trying to figure out who they were from.  I was going to post a picture of all my goodies and tell people to let me know who sent what, but in the days blogger was down I got a couple emails and all was cleared up. 
My dear friend Julie sent me the box of Gluten Free goodies for mother's day from The Inspired Cookie, so freaking yummy!
William's parents sent me all the books and CDs. I feel very loved and spoiled.
And my darling Anandit sent me a designer t-shirt from the Demi and Aston Foundation (DNA), to raise awareness about child sex slavery. The design is called "freedom." It's a nice shirt. I love it.
On Wednesday a package came for Baby Girl. Her Nana loves buying her things, espeically things that she can use out side. One of our favorite things to do is sit out in the field with the goats. So Nana got Baby Girl her own chair. It looks just like Mama's.

Baby Girl loves her chair very much and get very upset if the goat knock it over. She likes to rest in her chair after chasing the goats around.
The goats, especially Charlotte, like resting in my chair. This is what I came back to once after I got up to take a picture of Baby Girl.

The majority of the last few days has been spent outside. It's the first thing Baby Girl asks for when she wakes up and she never wants to go in. We spend all day out there and some times eat breakfast and lunch out there. There are some day we only come in at nap time and as soon as nap time is over we go back out.

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