Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day at the Ren Faire 118/365

 I've always loved dressing up.  It's something I've never grown out of and something my mom always encouraged me to do.  When I was a kid we had a trunk full of costume clothes. We were always dressing up and putting on little skits.

When I "grew up" I fell in love with the Renaissance Faire, a place where every one dresses up and play acts.

I was so excited to find there was a Renaissance Faire near Nashville, that William insisted we should go for my birthday. But going on Mother's Day seemed like an even better idea.

A lot of people get very involved with authentic costumes and trades from the Elizabethan Era. As we entered the Faire grounds we were greeted by authentic music from that time period.  (One of the minstrels even serenaded me and my mom)

 People of all ages get involved with dressing up and playing the part.

 Not all costumes are, or have to be, very authentic. One often runs into Jack Sparrow, Robin Hood and even the occasional Darth Vader at the Ren Faire.  The point is to have fun. Bonnie Rose thought the Forest Fairies were very fun.  They are always a Faire Favorite.
 Did I mention there is often great music at the Faire?

 This was the first time I had ever seen animals at the Faire. There were Horses and a bird of prey show and even camels! Bonnie Rose and I rode the camel.
 The Queen, Elizabeth of course, is always the biggest star of the Faire. We stopped an watch her Knight some young Faire maidens and lads.

 Did I mention that alot of the costumes are weird or silly? This lady was funny. She did word games and told punny jokes.

 Baby Girl thought she was really funny.
 What would Ren Faire be with out a sword fight and some pirates?! This show was great fun. They were very funny and good with their swords. I especially liked their "Geeks at the RenFaire? Who knew?!" jokes.

This character was Baby's favorite. The costume was really well made and the mouth on the bear head even opened and closed. I'm pretty sure Baby Girl thought it was a real bear. She kept trying to pet it.
As expected, it was a wonderful day of yummy food, great music and spectacular costumes.

Thank you William for such a wonderful Mother's Day.

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