Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cards and Stumps 113/365

I got birthday cards today. They made me so happy. I got one from my Gramma and Grampa, who never forget anyone's birthday and always send a card on time, and one from my dear friend Julie, who knows me better and longer than anyone (outside my family) and loves me anyway... no matter how terrible I am at keeping in touch. (And I am terrible at keeping in touch with my family and friends).

These are the first birthday cards I've gotten in years. Thank you making me feel loved.

Baby and I spent most of our day out side, again, in the back pasture with the goats and the dogs. This is Baby's favorite stump to play on.
It has a hollowed out hole in it that she likes to put sticks and rocks in.
But mostly she just likes to sit on it and talk to her dog-dog and watch the goats.

I'm so thankful that we are in a place where she can run around and play in the dirt and get muddy and spend lots of time with animals.  I'm so thankful for blue skies, and big fluffy clouds, for clean air, for clean rain and lots of safe places to run and laugh.

And I'm thankful for my little angel who loves to blow kisses.

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