Thursday, August 2, 2012

Voting Day

Today was Voting Day in our little town. 
I love voting day. Especially when there's local elections. Especially in a small town.
I love how you can know all the people running and you can talk to them and run into them at the Irish Picnic.
It's just fun to get involved in the community. Plus voting for local stuff actually matters in your day to day life, AND your vote actually counts. 
Today Rosie and I went to the voting place.
She was of course a big hit. She was a good helper too and she got her own sticker. She took it all very seriously.
And every one knows that after voting one should reward one's self with ice cream.
So off to Dairy Queen we went to share a chocolate dipped ice cream in a cup.

I have so much fun with my little big girl. She can be a handful some times, but she's so sweet and always gives such good hugs.
Thanks for helping me vote little one.

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