Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Funny Babies

Our dear friend Erin gave Rosie a whole Princess wardrobe not too long ago. I was so excited because of how much I loved playing dress up when I was little....
ok... I STILL like playing dress up!
Rosie wasn't very into at first. But then I found this cute little British show on the Sprout channel called "Cloe's Closet" all about a little girl who plays dress up.
I was hoping the show would encourage Rosie to want to play dress up with me. 

And it looks as if my plan worked!
We had to run errands today and Rosie wanted to be a Fairy Princess. I couldn't help laughing out loud when I looked in the mirror and saw this little Princess sitting behind me.  Of course she's making a face at me and saying "don't take my picture."
I'm was a little more than happy when she wanted to wear all her things into the store. I'm so happy to be seen with my darling little fairy princess and she brought a smile to everyone's faces.
Naturally she was given a lollipop. Being so cute, who could resist!?

In Obi's world things are much more simple but almost as silly.
I needed to make dinner and clean up the Kitchen before Rosie and I got lost in the pile of dishes. Obi got tired of sitting in his stroller, then he got tired of being in the Ergo Baby carrier.  So we tried some thing new...
He liked it for a while, but then he go tired of that too and it was time for me to take a cuddle break.  My favorite kind of break.

Don't I have the most fun and adorable babies!? 
They make my life magical and keep a smile on my face and in my heart.

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  1. I love those magical days. It brings back my own beautiful memories.