Monday, August 6, 2012

"Mommy, can Obi be a princess too?"

To Rosie one is a princess if one is wearing a pretty dress.
When it came time for us to pick William up from the airport I asked Rosie if she wanted to wear any of her new pretty princess things to go see Daddy. 
Not only did she yes, want to wear a pretty princess dress but she wanted Mommy to be a princess too. She ran into my closet to pick out a skirt for me. 
Then she asked me a very serious and important question.
"Can Obi be a princess too?"
I couldn't really think of a reason why Obi couldn't be a princess, so yes, Obi is wearing a pink princess skirt.
I love that Rosie likes to be a princess. I love that she likes to put on a pretty skirt and dance around the room like "the pretty girls" she sees on the Olympics. But more than that I love that she wants to share her joy and fun and even her own dresses with the rest of us.

And I love that she lets me put silly hats on her while she's watching TV.

I love my dress up girl, and my dress up boy.

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  1. I love it!!!! And i loved it when my kids would have dress up parties. Now they have wrestling parties...