Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Out. -- The Truth

For a long time (when I was younger and snobbier) I tried to pretend I didn't like Starbucks because they were too cooperate. But then they always decorated so nicely for Christmas and came out with their Red Cup. Christmas time was my exception. At Christmas I shamelessly loved and frequented Starbucks. 

In Southern California I had more coffee options anyway.  I liked privately owned shops the best, of course, but I also very much loved Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, a West Coast only Coffee Shop. (although there was one in Shanghai that I sometimes traveled for a couple hours to visit)
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Shanghai

Then I moved to China. The first town we lived in was a small town with very few familiar things.  They did, however, have a Starbucks. Yes, there is Starbucks in China and they are quite popular.  The Wuxi Starbucks became my little taste of home. My haven on days when I was most home sick.
Plus they were the only place in the whole city that played Christmas music at Christmas time. (there is no Christmas in China)

Enjoying a Starbucks coffee during Chinese New Year at a very fancy movie theater
When we moved to Shanghai there were a lot more modern things there, but Starbucks was still a comfort. Especially at Christmas time. They always had their red cups, decorated for Christmas, and played Christmas music. (Seriously, there is no Christmas in China! William had to take it off work every year while every one else had to go to work.  It was hard to get into the Christmas mood. Starbucks helped me a lot with that.)

So here I am living in the United States again and trying to pretend that I don't like Starbucks because they are too cooperate... except at Christmas time of course. When really I look forward to the hour long drive to the nearest Starbucks just so I can have a Frappuccino.  I love Starbucks. They make me happy. They bring back good and fond memories. And a cup of Starbucks always makes me smile. Especially if that cup is red!
So there you go. The truth. I have come out and said it. I love Starbucks.
So you can imagine how giggly happy I was yesterday to take my darling Rosie to Starbucks and get her very own, very first Starbucks.  She got "Pink Coffee" which is a Raspberry Steamer,  and she enjoyed it very very much.
 But not nearly as much as I did.
I look forward to going to Starbucks many times this coming Christmas season and getting Red Cups together.

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