Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday, Worlk Wide Web

Did you know that the internet as we know it, the World Wide Web, turned 21 last week?
That's right, the World Wide Web is now legal to drink.

The internet, the thing that allows computers over great distances to communicate with each other has been around since the 60s. But it wasn't till 1991 that the first publicly available web page was created, by Sir Tim Berners-Lee,  and the term World Wide Web was used.  He thought it would be a good way for researchers to communicate with each other.

Do you remember 1991? Can you believe before that we functioned and existed with out the internet?  In 1991 I was 12 and my mom had a Commodore 65 computer.  It was shortly after that she began to get involved with "chat boards."

In those days chat boards were just plain white text on a blue screen.  I asked my mom what she talked about on the chat boards with people and she said they mostly talked about how to fix their computers.

Even though the World Wide Web became a publicly accessible thing when I was 12 we didn't have it in our house until I was about 14.  I remember in 1996 I was the first person in my High School to use internet research for a research paper I was writing and my teachers didn't know how to tell me to cite my sources.  That was back in the day of AOL and their 20 free hours!

Wow. Can you remember having no email? no wikipidia? no facebook? NO Internet?
It's amazing how much the Internet has grown and become such a part of every day life.
In just 21 short years.

We decided to have Peach Cocktails to celebrate the Internet turning 21, and then I came here to blog about it.
Rosie got to have her own special drink too...EDIT: (she's drinking peach juice in a pretty cup)
And this picture is just because I think she's so cute. 
I'll show this picture to her some day... maybe when she's 21 and we'll talk about the ancient times when people didn't have cell phones and the internet didn't exist.  And she won't even be able to comprehend it.


  1. She can't comprehend a telephone call now - she expects people on the phone can see her since that's how it works on Skype. She's already ahead of her age group on that one.

    I do think, though, you should clarify what Rosie was drinking......

  2. Sorry yes.... she's drinking peach juice... watered down a bit with water. that is all.