Monday, June 6, 2011

Questing 140/365

 Yesterday was a day of quests.(That's nerd talk for ... doing stuff)

After a wonderfully lazy day of playing computer games, taking naps and watching bad TV we all decided to walk out to the back fields and look for William's iPod that had somehow disappeared.  That quest was a great success when I found it laying on the ground in some weeds about half a mile from the house.

Since we were all hot and sweaty after that we decided we needed some ice cream. So we went on a quest for ice cream.
 Except we started at the wrong end of the store and ended up with a few extra things...
Like Pop Tarts!
I was horrified when William told me he'd never had Pop Tarts. That's like saying you've never watched Saturday morning cartoons... which he didn't, or that you've never had a twinky!  So I made him buy some because you can't live in America without trying these wonderful little treats sometime.

And yes, William, you have to toast them.

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  1. OMG, I just had to wipe away a tiny bit of drool after reading about toasted Pop Tarts. The strawberry ones were always my favorite (but I'm not sure I ever had the raspberry). I discovered them late in life, too -- in my twenties -- and had only a few short years with Pop Tarts before Celiac took them away (which, admittedly, was probably for the best). But still. Enjoy, William, enjoy.