Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

 I love Saturdays. Bonnie Rose loves them too. Today when she woke up I told her it was Saturday and Daddy was playing video games with Nana and she smiled and said "DaDa" She loves to watch us play video games.

This Saturday morning I woke up to the smell of Coffee and Bacon. I love waking up to Bacon. And then, just as I was settling down to start playing "Fat Princess" with William the phone rang.

"Hello. This is Lukas from Switzerland calling for my friend Michelle."

We ended up talking on Skype so we could see each other... and more importantly our babies.
 We know Lukas and Heidi from Shanghai. They were some of our closest friends, especially after we both had babies there. Lukas, Heidi and Emil were our family in Shanghai. They celebrated every Holiday with us, including Thanksgiving.
It was so nice to see how much Emil had grown and to see their new life beneath the mountains of Switzerland.  But more importantly it was wonderful to talk to such amazing friends and to be reminded that no matter how far away we are from them they will always be our family.

We love them and miss them very much and we look forward to visiting with them for years to come.   Thank you for calling us Lukas and Heidi. We love you.

Now for another piece of bacon and that game of Fat Princess.

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