Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Growing Braver and Stronger 136/365

 Look how big our Baby Girl is getting. She's growing up so fast and getting more talkative, more opinionated, more perfect and more beautiful every day.
For the last couple of days I've been trying get her to not be afraid of one of my old dolls. We send about an hour every day playing in her closet and I hold the doll while she stands and stares at it.  Every day she gets brave enough to stand a little closer or touch a toe of it. Today she seemed to decided it wasn't so scary after all and after sharing her bottle with the "mei mei" (Chinese for "little sister"... she calls all other babies and little kids this) she picked up the doll and gave it a kiss.  She tried to carry it around but it's still a little big for her.  She's such a sweet Angel.

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  1. Awww, adorable! I can't believe how big she's getting. And still, the doll is almost as big as she is! I'd say Rosie has a good head on her shoulders and very keen instincts to be a bit skittish around life-size humans that aren't humans and don't move. Dolls ARE kind of creepy. ;)