Friday, June 3, 2011

Old Friends 138/365

 A few weeks ago we found this snake skin in the back yard.  Horace the snake left it for us to admire, as he does every year about this time. 

Horace has been living in my mom's yard for a few years now, and every year he gets bigger.  He keeps the rodent and large bug population down and keeps the cats entertained as they try to catch him.

We were starting to worry a little bit this year when we hadn't seen him around the yard. We thought maybe one of the cats finally got him.  But today we were very happy to see Horace out sunning himself and chasing a large beetle.

He's very fast and very beautiful and we're happy to have him around.


  1. Awwww, yay Horace! He IS beautiful. :) Do you know what kind of snake he is?

  2. I'm told he's a "Black Garden Snake". Sounds generic I know, but that's what I'm told is his actual name.