Sunday, June 12, 2011

Growing Things

 William keeps very buy all day long working on the farm. Somehow between building fences, shoveling goat poo, cutting down trees, fixing the tractor and a bunch of other stuff I don't even know about, he managed to build us two garden boxes!

Having a garden was something we really wanted to do this year since it was so impossible for us to do it in Shanghai.
 We have alot of trouble with our seedlings this year for some reason but my mom did manage to get some stuff to come up. We have three tomato plants, two zucchini plants and a pumpkin as well as some peppers and a small forest of basil.

Look how fast it's all growing!

Besides all the wonderful vegetables we are looking forward to, I found some vine guide thingys in the shape of animals and I've really enjoyed watching them grow.

My Rabbit vine is already so tall!
 My Doggie vine had a rough start and I thought we'd lost it but then it came back.
 And my Kitty vine took a while to come up but then all of a sudden all these leaves popped up.
Baby Girl is really enjoying watching everything grow too and loves helping water and take care of the plants. She's such a good little farmer girl.

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