Thursday, December 17, 2009

Outings with Baby ... Carriers

Baby Bonnie and I often go out... of the house. At first we just took short walks to the store for some fresh air and exorcise but then we started getting more bold with our outings. Yesterday and last week we went to the fabric market. (you'll see the results of THAT trip in another post... and trust me, you'll LOVE it)

The one thing that has made our outings comfortable and possible are baby carriers.

For one thing carrying your baby close to you is very good for your baby. Research has shown that babies thrive when they are held close to their mothers (and fathers) and have lots of skin to skin or in arms time. They physically grow healthier and they are more confident and happy babies.
I'm not making this up... research it your self. (I'd recommend starting with Dr. William Sears.)

Also, Shanghai is not a Stroller friendly City.

The first carrier I got was my Ring Sling.
I got a really pretty one from BaoBeiBaby Carriers, run by two moms who live in Shanghai.

I liked to put Bonnie Rose in the cradle position but she didn't like it too much. She likes the upright "hug" position.

Here we are in the "Cradle" position in out of our first times using the sling.

This is a pretty funny picture of Bonnie and Me all Bundled up for an outing. I wonder what the Chinese people think when they see me. It was pretty funny when they would realize I had a baby under my coat. They would act all shocked.
I guess you can't really tell there's a baby in there.

After using the Ring Sling for a few months I decided to tray a new carrier that the ladies at BaoBei Baby Carriers were selling. They call it "The Wrap".

It's basically a long piece of fabric that you wrap around you a few times and then put the baby in. It's simple and super easy to use, but best of all, Bonnie LOVES it.

It's incredibly comfortable for both me and baby Bonnie. I like it because it distributes Bonnie's weight to both shoulders as well as my hips. I hardly feel her weight at all, which is great because she's gett
ing pretty heavy.
Here is a picture of my new friend Gina. She runs the Bao Bei Baby Carriers. Which by the way means "Precious Baby" in Chinese. Please check out their site and consider buying something from them, they do ship to the US and their prices are very good. Also, they donate part of the proceeds from every carrier to feeding Chinese Orphans.
(They make REALLY great Baby Shower gifts)

We go everywhere with our carrier now. It keeps us both warm, it keeps Bonnie close to me which is healthy for her... And I have more control over who can get close to her because I can run away really fast.


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