Friday, December 4, 2009

Little Friends

Bonita Rose (or Rosie as I'm calling her lately) has a little friend.
She doesn't know she has a friend yet. But I'm hoping someday soon she will.

Our very good friends, Heidi and Lukas, had a baby boy about 4 months ago. This is him with William at Thanksgiving. Isn't he a good looking kid!

It's really wonderful to have friends that are new parents the same time we are. Plus they have 3 months more of newborn knowledge than us.

Heidi and I take "the kids" for walks and outings. Nothing really elaborate yet.
So far we have gone to Ikea, the mall,Starbucks and the grocery store.
We have plans to go to the park and tomorrow we will go to the German Christmas market.
These outings usually consist of feeding the babies in a public place. Changing a diaper. And having people stop us to stare at our babies and tell us how cute they are.
Also we get to share exciting news like "Today Rosie lifted her head by her self!"
Or, "Today Emil played Peek a Boo!"

Thanksgiving was the first time that Emil and Rosie really "met." Usually they are in the same room but in different strollers or concentrating on their own personal eating needs.
But this time we thought it would be fun for them to meet face to face.

Bonita Rose locked her eyes on Emil and tried to figure out what/who he was.
Emil, who is old and a little more aware, was amazed to see another little person. He kept staring at her and then looking back as his parents, as if to say "mom, what is that?!"

It was super cute and we all stood around watching and giggling and taking a ridiculous number of pictures.

It was nice of Rosie and Emil to be our entertainment this Thanksgiving.
It was by far our best Thanksgiving ever and we had so much to be thankful for.

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  1. Hey!
    I don't like the way that guy is looking at my grand daughter.
    Oh, sorry.
    I was just practicing.
    That's a great picture.