Tuesday, January 5, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Day 11 - How Christmas Day Went Down

Christmas Morning!
The day we think about and plan for all year long.
It was so peaceful and wonderful this year.

The kids woke up and examined everything. 
They were excited to see that Santa had not only eaten all the cookies and brownies we left him, but he also emptied the can of beans and the cup of oats. 
He left the book (we left out "The Night Before Christmas") open to the page that says "up the chimney he rose."
They thought that detail was really fun.
Obi exclaimed "He DOES love beans"
I think they were more excited about that then they were at all the gifts under the tree!

The only thing Rosie had asked Santa for when we visited him was candy canes on the tree. She was happy to see that he left both peppermint ones as well as jolly rancher flavored ones, since Obi doesn't like the peppermint. 
That Santa is a thoughtful guy.

My Mother-in-law sent the kids ornaments that have a motion detector on them and sing "we wish you a merry christmas." The kids thought they were wonderful! 
Quite honestly I thought they were hilarious. Every time any one walks by the tree (including the cat) it starts singing.
They also sent two birds that do life like bird songs.
So our tree is very noisy and freaks the cat out. 
It's great!

Santa brought the kids these giant stuffed animals because he must be a little crazy.

They were a huge hit. . .

for a while anyway.

Playing under the Christmas tree..... we are very slow gift openers. We like to take our time to stop and play with things for awhile before we move on.

It took us four hours to open our gifts and we didn't even have that many people this year.
I got an Instax camera!! 
I took this picture at "intermission." 
We had to stop for second breakfast and coffee.

Margaret was the cutest. I think her favorite thing was this box. 
She kept climbing in and out of it all morning.

She finally got the hang of opening the gifts herself after Rosie showed her. 
Then she thought it was great fun.

I put together this frame for my mom. 
Andy died last year and he'd been part of the family for 16 years. 
We all still really miss him.
I saw this idea at my friend Julie's house and thought it was lovely.
Now Andy is on the wall with all of the other family pictures.

When all the gifts had been opened and we picked up the paper, we found one last big box in the back under the tree. 
The kids opened the box and found this note in it.
It told us to go outside and open a door.

I had no idea what was coming... Santa was up to something.
We opened the garage door and found this crazy thing!!
Santa had really out done himself this year. 
The kids were ecstatic.

The rest of the day was peaceful. 
I had put a turkey in the oven in the morning.
After the gifts were open I took a nap.
The kids spend most of the day in their bouncy house with Papa,
And Margaret got to sit on the counter while Nana pealed oranges.

After my nap I baked four pies. 
It was such a lovely dinner and such a lovely day.

Some of my personal favorite gifts were these!
I got lots a warm socks, which I really wanted.
Obi made me this Christmas ornament all by himself!
And I got this camera that I've wanted for years.

Rosie said this was the best Christmas ever. 
I told her that every Christmas is the best Christmas...
but this one really was extra special.

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