Monday, January 4, 2016

12 Days of Christmas: Day 9 - Christmas Shopping Elves

My kids are awesome shoppers. They love going to almost any store and looking at things. They also love buying gifts for other people and they are so good at finding just the right thing.

I had asked the kids what they wanted to get William and they both said they wanted to get him Avengers Comic books.

On December 22, Christmas Eve Eve Eve, I took the kids to Nashville for some last minute Christmas shopping.

We were very impressed with the Christmas tree made of books. 

The kids were so cute in the book store picking out gifts.
They dug through the comic books with me and picked some out for William and then they looked through the kids books and decided they wanted to get a book for Papa called "I want to Eat your Books." 
No idea why they wanted that one except it had monsters on the front of it and I guess that reminded them of Papa.

 Then we went over to Target and they picked out a travel makeup case for Nana. 
We also picked up some stocking stuffers.

Luckily the Target nearest to us (about an hour from our house) has a Starbucks in it and we all got a festive red cup and some hot chocolate.
Obi takes his hot chocolate very seriously.

We then went over to World Market and we even stopped at The Bath and Body Shop. 
Four stores with three kids a few days before Christmas is quite an accomplishment.
Especially when all the kids were so well behaved and in good moods.

We even had a lovely drive home with a gorgeous sunset to watch as we sang Christmas songs.

I know it sounds pretty ordinary but it was actually quite a lovely day. 
It was one of my most favorite things we did this Holiday Season. 
It was just fun to get out and have a cheerful fun day with my kids and to watch them pick out lovely gifts for other people. 

What sweet kids my little Christmas Elves are.

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