Monday, June 30, 2014

Pool Day

OK. Here is the last post for our May trip to Disney World. One of the the main ways we pick a hotel is always by how fun the pool looks.

The pictures we saw of the pool at the Caribbean Beach Resort really made us want to spend lots of time there.

We spent two days in the pool.
It had a "zero gravity" entrance, which means it gets gradually deeper like a beach.
Rosie LOVED being able to walk around so much by herself.

Obi was pretty happy to be able to walk around by himself too. Although he kept forgetting he wasn't as tall as Rosie and kept trying to follow her.

Obi is always happy to be in water.

The theme for the pool was a pirate theme. They had canons and towers all around.

 They also had a separate kiddy area that had a shallow wading pool and slides. We were really surprised when Rosie decided to go down the slide by her self.
 Obi of course had to try anything his big sister did. But he didn't like it as much as she did.
 This is the ship wreck area that was set aside especially for smaller kids. Every 10 minutes the bucket on top would fill up with water and then dump out all over the ship wreck, and any one who was under it.
 We spent most of our time in the big pool because there was less splashing and the kids could float around. Obi loved floating and kicking his feet.
 Here are my babies walking in the big pool all by them selves. They were very proud of them selves.
 Obi was very comfortable with his Nana in the pool. I thought he was going to take a nap.
 Nana and the babies. Behind them you can see the water in the ship wreck area dumping out.
 Me and my beautiful babies.
 Obi just hanging out
 Any time we go to Disney World we make sure to plan on spending at least one full day (usually two) in the pool. Actually, the day we check out of our hotel is usually a pool day. We check out and then go hang out in the pool. Disney hotels have locker rooms and showers in their pool restrooms so we use those to clean up when we are ready to go. When the kids are good and warn out we get in the car and start our drive home.  It's actually a really fun way to end a Disney vacation.

 Disney pools are always wonderful and usually have fun games going on throughout the day.  Sometimes they play fun Disney music too. At one point the entire pool sang the song from Frozen (you know which one).  It was quite funny.

We are of course looking forward to our next trip to Disney and more fun days in the pool.


  1. for a 2 day trip we had a pretty good time relaxing here. i would go back again next week if I could :-)

  2. they had SO much fun in the toddler pool the first night, but after the big pool they didn't even care about it. I'm glad we did that first, it was a good intro to the water. and I LOVE the heated water pools at DW. I don't want to go anyplace else for vacation.