Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mickey Talks!!

Last week we took a little road trip down to Florida.  We wanted to a quick short trip to Disney World... and we wanted to see Mickey.

Disney Anything is our very favorite thing (by "our" I mean my mom and me. William thinks we're crazy... but he likes it).  We especially love Disney World.  We love the magic of Disney and all the work they put into making every little detail just that much more magical.

One of the most magical moments of our trip was when we met Mickey.  I have met Mickey before. I have gotten my picture taken with Mickey before. I always enjoy it. I always have a big goofy grin on my face when I meet Mickey. He's wonderful.

But this time was different. THIS time Mickey TALKED!!

"Of course Mickey talks, Mommy" Rosie said to me when I couldn't stop exclaiming it. Yes of course he talks. We see him talk every day on the Mickey Mouse Club on Disney Jr.  But I've never seen Mickey talk in person. To Me!  (he's usually "saving his voice" in between shows when I meet him).

I don't know how they do it... I don't even really care how they do it.  I'm not sure I want to know how they do it. 

I just know, it was amazing. Mickey talked to us.

So while I was shocked and amazed at the magic of Mickey talking to us the kids were just happy to get to meet him. 
I told William that I was giddy like a little kid when I met Mickey because I was so shocked that he was talking to us. William pointed out that I'm always giddy and silly when I meet Mickey. 
It's true. What can I say? I'm always star struck by him.
That's the magic of Disney.

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