Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Day in the Magic Kingdom

Well we have had a crazy busy week around here with Vacation Bible School last week... but I'll tell you about that later.

First let's get back to our wonderful trip to Disney World. Remember, this was a "quick trip" so we only went to the park one day.

Of course by "the park" I mean The Magic Kingdom.  That's our favorite.

We were all very excited and all dressed up in our own way. Obi was very happy to dress up as a pirate. But he was also very serious about being a pirate.

Both my babies looked fantastic in their costumes and were greeted with "hello Princess" or "hello Pirate" everywhere we went.

Obi usually answered with "AAARRRR"

Rosie had a whole list of things she wanted to do, but our first stop was everyone's favorite. The carousel.  Both kids had been talking about riding this for weeks.

Next we had a Fast Pass (that means you get to skip the hour long line) to visit Ariel. She's Rosie's current favorite and Obi was very serious about meeting a real mermaid.
Rosie was so happy to talk to Ariel again and get lots of hugs.
Obi was very serious the whole time he talked to her but then finally went and gave her a smile and a hug.
Then there was lunch at Gaston's Tavern. I'd been really looking forward to checking this out.
The kids got special drinks in special cups.
Actually the drinks were so good that no one wanted to share with me and I ended up having to go get my own.

We also go pork shanks for lunch. We got two for the four of us because they were huge. It was by far the best thing I've ever eaten in the Magic Kingdom. It was fabulous and I can't wait to have that again.  I seriously can not even tell you how flavorful and tender and just amazing it was.
The view from Gaston's is Beast's Castle.
After a trip to Splash Mountain we stopped and watched the parade.
It was a fantastic parade and we had a spot really close to the floats so got to see them really well.
Obi was so tired but so fascinated at the same time that he propped his head up against mine to keep awake. This is how he watched the whole parade... with one exception of when he saw Pluto. He got really excited for Pluto.
Trying very hard not to fall asleep...
almost as soon as the parade was over he passed out in the stroller.
After nap time back at the hotel we went back to the park for our visit with Mickey.
I already told you about that magical experience but here are some cute pictures from it again.

The castle at night is always lovely. 

Evenings are wonderful in the Magic Kingdom. The lines are generally shorter and the temperatures are lower. Also, everything is all magically lit up.
We skipped the fireworks (neither of my kids like the noise it makes) and rode rides instead. We went on Small World a couple times and on Ariel's ride, and of course the carousel a couple more times. We also did some shopping of course.
And the very last thing we did... RIGHT as the park was supposed to be closing was visit Enchanted Encounters with Belle. This is an interactive visit with Belle in the her Castle where you get to act out her story with her. It's very fun and very popular. I've never seen the line shorter than 30 minutes long.  So we decided to give it a shot. 
Right as we were walking up another mom asked us if we would join them because apparently you have to have a least 20 people for them to run the thing and our group made exactly 20.  Of course we said yes and then all ran into the cottage while the cast members at the entranced argued weather they counted 20 or 18.

The show started and Rosie was chosen to play Chip. He's her favorite so that worked out.
I got to be Mrs. Pots. I was quite excited about that.
Then we all go to parade around the room with Belle and sing "Be Our Guest"
And finally we all got to take pictures with her.
Rosie loves Belle.
Obi was, of course, very serious about meeting a princess.
On our way out of Fantasyland, the kids finally got to try to pull the sword out of the stone. This is usually quite popular with the kids and always crowded. It was nice to have it all to ourselves for a few minutes.
Naturally, Obi was very serious about it.
He tired really hard with all his strength.

The castle at night and my babies with my mom.
Happy happy babies (a nap is key).
Because the park was basically closed when we left, we got to exit through the castle and lingered on they draw bridge for a while.
It was a wonderful, magical day at the Magic Kingdom. It wasn't what you would call the most productive day. We didn't do everything and we did take a break in the middle for naps and dinner at our hotel. 
But everything we did we very much enjoyed. 
And you know, we'll be back again soon.
Mickey invited us.

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