Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Disney Pirate Room

 In the past when we've gone to Disney World we've stayed in Disney's All Star Music Resort. It's one of their budget hotels and we really love the pool. (you can see pictures of our pool day there from last year HERE.)

This trip, however, we wanted to try something new. We had a discount so we decided to stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

It. Was. Fabulous.

My mom surprised us by booking a themed room. So here are some picture of our Pirate Themed hotel room.

The kids were so happy to be out of the car and in a space big enough to wrestle. There was lots of wrestling in the boat shaped beds.
The beds looked liked pirate ships... but much more comfortable.
In true Disney fashion, every detail of the room was pirate themed. The TV stand was a pile of shipping crates. Each crate was actually a drawer that opened and had lots of storage space to unpack all your belongings and treasure.
The nightstand and the fridge were barrels.
There was a sea chest that also opened for more storage space.
The kids enjoyed the boat beds very much. They were actually quite comfortable.
but mostly they liked driving the boats.
Even the carpet was boat themed! It looked like wooden planks. 
I really want this carpet in our play room at home.
The kids thought it was great fun sitting on the sea/treasure chest.
Here's a picture of Obi showing off the barrel that opened to reveal our fridge. Both the kids loved opening this all the time. I kept having to tell them to keep it closed. 
We kept a lot of food in our room and saved money on food that way.
There was a curtain that divided the bathroom and sink area from the rest of the room for some added privacy. The kids liked the "scary pirate" on the curtain. Here they are saying "AARRR" like pirates.

This picture from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride hung in the room. My mom really liked it.
Here's Obi and my mom posing in front of the picture. You can kind of see the sink area behind them with old fashion light fixtures over the sinks.
The room was absolutely amazing. Spacious and comfortable. We really enjoyed just hanging out in our room and relaxing and letting the kids play. There was plenty of room to move around and even enough extra floor space for them to spread their blocks out that we'd brought. 

This was the area outside our room. We opened our door and stepped out to this. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

This room was a wonderful birthday surprise and one of our best trips to Disney World so far.

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