Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Walt Disney World -- Day 3 -- Pool Day

 On Wednesday we decided to take a Pool Day. One of the main reasons we chose the Hotel we stayed in was because we liked their pool so much last time we visited. It's big and has a fun fountain in the middle and there's lots of room to play.

(We stayed in All Star Music)

At first we went back and forth about weather we should go into the park or stay in the pool that day. Wednesday is the slowest day in the park and great if you really hate long lines.

But we were all a little tied and it just felt nice to sleep in and then play in the pool.

Plus, in true Disney fashion, a day in the pool is not just any day in the pool. Everyday they have a pool side activities and games, a pool wide dance party and in the evening they show a movie. You can sit in the pool to watch it or on beach chairs. 

You can also get snacks, food and drinks at the hotel cafeteria or at the pool side bar.

Both Rosie and Obi love being in the water and asked every day if they could get in the pool. So they were very happy to be able to spend the whole day in the water.

 I was so impressed with Rosie and how confident she got in the water. She went from wanted to be carried to whole time to being so excited that she could touch the bottom on her own. 
Here she is on her tippy toes out as far from the steps as she could get. She was so happy.

Obadiah was amazing in the pool too. Absolutely no fear. He even loved it when his Daddy swung him through the air and splashed him down in the water again.

Both the kids loved being on the steps on their own. They played there for hours.
I am so happy I decided to buy a disposable water camera. It's so fun to have these pictures of the fun times we had in the water together. I will always travel with a water camera from now on.
Behind us is the fun water fountain that shoots water into the pool. The kids loved trying to dodge the water.

Our pool area also had a little kiddy pool. It was just shallow enough to sit in and it was SUPER warm. When the big pool got too much or if we just wanted a jacuzzi like experience we hopped in the kids pool. This pool was especially nice at night after we got back from the parks because it was so warm.
The kids loved having their Papa around all week. They climbed on him and wrestled him and had him carry them every where. I think he was very warn out by the end of the week.
Disney also provides vests for the kids if they want them. A lot of the other kids in the pool used them so they could play in the pool without their parents. We tried to get our kids to wear them but they didn't  like them.  (There are also amazing life guards on duty from 7am to 11pm)

Papa is wearing one of the vests on his head in hopes to get Obi to like it. Silly Papa.
Those are some good looking boys there.
To end our "day off" we decided to make a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Resort called Sanaa.  I'd read a lot about the different restaurants all over Disney World on the and this one had rave reviews as a little known gem. 

Besides the amazing food, the main draw to this place is the fact that it's right in the middle of an animal preserve with ceiling to floor windows so you can eat your meal with the zebras, giraffes and other African animals.

 Rosie loves animals and really enjoyed this place.

While we waited for our table we went out to an outside observation area. 

There was a really sweet man out there from Namibia, Africa, to answer all our questions and tell us about each animal. 

On a side note, one of my favorite things about being at Disney World are the funny things you see. Like this gruff looking man with his very cute Minnie Mouse purse. OK, so I'm sure it belonged to his daughter, who was also at his table, but I thought it was funny that he was keeping the purse with him.

 I'm kind of awful at remembering to take pictures of food, but I did manage to remember to take this picture of our appetizers.  The food and over all experience at Sanaa was by far the most amazing dinning experience of our whole trip.  Disney is famous for accommodating any food allergy at any of their eating establishments, but the Chef and our Waitress at Sanaa went above and beyond.
After our fabulous dinner we sat out on a lobby balcony, sat in rocking chairs and watched the animals graze.
As we headed back to our car we decided to check out the pool area. I loved our pool at our hotel but the pool at the Animal Kingdom Lodge definitely gave me pool envy. 
There was no one else there so we stayed an hour or so and let the kids play in the kid area. I don't know why I didn't think to take pictures.
It was really fun watching the kids play in the foot pools and climb on the giant foam snakes and the rope bridges.

By then we were all very tired and headed back to our hotel to sleep off our amazing day.

 Before I went to bed I scheduled a wake up call for the morning from a Disney Character. It's the little things that make everything about Disney so Magical.

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