Thursday, October 31, 2013

We interupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you... Halloween.

Last weekend one of the towns in our area had some Pre-Halloween Trick-or-Treating.  Since Halloween is so much fun and we all like wearing our costumes more than once we decided to go.

Rosie and I dressed up as Butterflies. Monarch Butterflies to be exact, and Obi was a caterpillar.

Nana was Minnie Mouse and William dressed up as a Jedi.

Isn't Obi the cutest little Caterpillar?! He was so proud of his little costume and kept the hood on all night.

Here he is playing with his glow stick William gave him.

Rosie was the sweetest little princess butterfly.

We started our evening at the local coffee shop for some hot Chocolate.

He's the tiredest little caterpillar.

With a hot chocolate mustache.
We ran into a Sith Lord and a Storm Trooper.
Obi was so cute carrying around the little suckers that people gave him. He ended up with quite a collection of them and held on to them so tightly. He was very proud of them.
SO many people had alot of really great costumes. There was one family who had a little baby in a wagon dressed up as little miss muffet and her brother was a spider. They were so cute.
This little boy we dressed up as Doctor Who. I told him he was adorable and he told me he was The Doctor. I had to take his picture. 
He's got a sonic screwdriver and everything.

Family Halloween Picture

The town closed the street on their historic Main street and the Tick or Treating was to each little shop. It was really fun.
Obi was adorable walking up and down the street with his Nana.
Seriously, Cutest kid ever!
Here are my little babies with candy in their mouths.
It was a fun Pre Halloween event and I loved seeing every one's costumes. It started at 5pm so it was still light out, which was good for kids. We ended the evening eating at a local Diner.

Today is actual Halloween but it's very blustery out and most of the local churches and communities have postponed trick or treating till tomorrow night.

Happy Halloween Everyone! 
I hope you have a fun filled day with lots of candy and smiles.

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