Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Walt Disney World -- Day 2-- Epcot

On Tuesday we got ourselves up as early as we possibly could and made our way to Epcot. 

I managed to forget Rosie's sun glasses (but I did remember the sun screen!) So we had to stop and buy her some new ones.  Doesn't she look so cute and cool in her new glasses?

Epcot is a very different place than the Magic Kingdom. It's not quite as fun for the younger kids but for slightly older kids I think it could be really fun.

Rosie did like riding on the space ship right though and pretending she was an astronaut. We also spent A LOT of time in the Nemo area. I hadn't realized it the last time we came, bu they actually have a huge aquarium right there in Epcot!
It's so big that they have both Dolphins AND Manatees (my favorite!)  They also have a climbing space and a fun show about sea turtles and pretty much very fish and jelly fish and sting ray that you can imagine.

One thing  that I found especially magical was the brand new Starbucks! Did you know Starbucks was in Disney World now?!  There was a lovely and large Starbucks right across from the big water fountain.

 And they even have special Disney Starbucks cups!
After a long time in the aquarium it was time to find lunch. 

Rosie wanted ice cream for lunch. Which seemed like a good vacation idea to me.

We were also lucky enough to be visiting during Food and Wine Festival.

The Food and Wine Festival consists of hundreds of booths set up around Epcot from different countries of the world. Each booth has about three things on the menu and for a small price you can get a sampling of food from each country.  It was fantastic food.

My favorite thing about Epcot the pavilions from countries around the world. Each pavilion is set up to closely resemble how an average street would look. The staff for each pavilion also comes directly from that country. So you get a real feel for how it would be to actually be visiting that country.

 It's fun to talk to the staff in each place and learn a little bit about their country.  The restaurants in each pavilion serve food from that country and the shops sell things that often times can only be found in that country.

Each country has a coloring area for little kids. We spent a long time in England coloring.

England is also the place where you can meet Winnie the Pooh!
Obadiah was so excited to meet Pooh Bear and ran right up to him and gave him a huge hug.

After a long time in England we moved on to France for more eating and shopping.  France is my favorite of all the pavilions and I enjoy eating there more than any other.

I really enjoyed the cheese plate I got in France but Obi was more in love with the chocolate muse.

We spent a long time just hanging out in France. It has such a nice peaceful atmosphere and it's a fun place to relax.

Both the kids love playing on and in the water fountain.

Obi especially loves water and was so excited when Papa took his shoes off and let him put his little feet in the water.

Then it started to rain a little bit. Luckily we had our rain Ponchos with us from the day before.
Everyone else went in doors to hide from the rain. But we stayed outside and ran around in it. Obi thought that was great fun to run around barefoot in the rain.  He looks like a little ghost here.
You know what else is fun a magical about Epcot? Alcohol. Especially Champagne from France. You can get a sampling of local liquor from each country but especially during Food and Wine festival there are a lot more options.
We aren't usually drinkers in the middle of the day, but this was vacation. And when else can you get French Brandy poured over French homemade ice cream?  That one made William really happy.
I do love French Champagne.  Plus I thought my mom was really cute in this picture.
Here's a picture of the Epcot ball (at the entrance of the park) from across the lake in France.
And here are my lovely tired people waiting in line to meet Belle in France.
 Belle was so sweet. When Rosie said, "I'm wearing something different today." Belle went right along with it and exclaimed that she had noticed that she'd changed her clothes and then she looked very lovely (we'd seen Belle in the Magic Kingdom just the day before). It was wonderful.

We had dinner in Morocco. I was trying to find something that we hadn't tired before and when I was planning our reservations. This place reminded me a lot of a place William and I ate in Urumqi, China. They even had a traditional Moroccan band and a belly dancer.
After dinner we wandered over to Germany. Rosie loves cuckoo clocks and the German shops have some amazing ones. The shop girl even made them all CooCoo for us!

 The kids also found some crowns and swords they liked.
"Look Mommy. I'm a Pirate Princess!"
We weren't going to stay for the fireworks show because my kids don't like the loud noise of them. But we kind of got caught in it on our way out. It was actually quite a nice show and both kids seemed to enjoy it. We made it through the whole show without any one asking to leave.
And that completed our day at Epcot. We were all very tired and a little sore (from all the walking and carrying of babies) and we all very much looked forward to sleeping in the next day.

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