Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walt Disney World -- Day 1

We went to Disney World last week.
It was fabulous.
 I will now post hundreds of pictures of our week long adventure at the Wonderful World of Walt Disney World.

We'd been planning this trip since January. It was our New Year's Resolution to save money and go on this trip.

 It was a little hard to believe that after 9 months of planning and talking about it, it had finally arrived.
We were all very very excited. Especially Rosie.

She could remember our trip two years ago and had been watching Disney movies all week. She was very excited and soaked everything in.

Obi was excited to. He just didn't quite know what he was excited for. But he knew something was going on and that made him very curious and silly.

He enjoyed the bus ride into the park.

Rosie had been planning for weeks to wear her princess dress to The Magic Kingdom. At the last minute she also decided that her special Dancing Bear should come into the park with us.

Nana was excited too. She enjoyed showing Obi everything for the first time. Obi soaked it all in.

We decided to try something new this year and rent a stroller instead of bringing our own.

It was really expensive but it was super nice having a double stroller and it was great not having to haul it on and off the bus every day.
Our first day in the park was Monday and it was rather crowded. But we didn't mind.

It was also rather rainy. Which kind of made it more fun.

Also the Halloween decorations were up and that was super fun.

As soon as we got into the park we headed to New Fantasy land. I've been excited about this place since I first heard they were building it two years ago.

It was amazing and lived up to all my expectations.

Our first stop was Beast's castle  ...

...and the Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch. We got there before it opened and waited for it to open.

This is actually the most popular restaurant in the whole park. It's even more booked up than Cinderella's Castle.
It's nearly impossible to get dinner reservations here.

Standing in line for lunch was a goo alternative.

One of the best parts about Disney is how they make everything little thing magical. Even watching my kids eat their lunch was magical.

Disney also is fantastic about having Gluten Free food at every eating location. The meal at Be Our Guest was my favorite of the whole trip I think. The atmosphere as well as the french food was amazing.

Even Rosie enjoyed her lunch and we didn't have any trouble getting her to eat!

Eating always makes Obi happy. But so does being at Disney World. He was such a happy little baby all week.

After lunch we explored New Fantasyland. It was so amazing. My favorite was the Magical Experience with Belle. We got to go through Belle's Cottage.

I liked this picture of Belle and her mother. It's the only time I've ever seen Belle with her mother.

Rosie and I measured out selves on Belle's Father's wall.

Obadiah loved the talking wardrobe so much. He didn't want to leave the room she was in.

Rosie got to play the part of a dancing plate while acting out the story of Belle and Beast

I was very excited to be chosen to play the Wardrobe Madame de la Grande Bouche or "Madame Armoire"

After we were assigned parts Belle joined us and we all acted out the story.

Lumière narrated the story.

Then we each got our picture taken with Belle and she gave us each book marks.

I was very giddy to meet her. I do have a Disney crush on Belle.

Rosie was so happy to meet and talk to Belle

Obi was so proud to meet the princess.  He was a perfect little prince.

Papa had fun pushing the kids in the stroller. And Obi loved the stroller so much that he cried to ride in it every time he saw it. 

 Nana really enjoyed showing Obi things for the first time. Especially It's a Small World, a family favorite.

Rosie and I enjoyed being very silly

Look at my sweet princesses. Aren't they lovely?!

Look at my tired tired boys. We were lucky to find some rocking chairs on Main Street to take a little nap. 

Rosie reminded me so much of my self in how excited she was to buy a big lolly pop.

 Another highlight of the whole trip was watching Rosie meet all the Disney Princesses. She was so excited to meet them and talked to each one. She was so polite and sweet.

It was truly the most adorable thing ever.

Another family favorite has always been the carousel.  Rosie loved it when she was a baby and still does.

As soon as Obi saw it he let us all know very loudly that he wanted to ride it.

He was so happy and took in everything.

We also rode Pirates of the Caribbean on the first day. That has always been a family favorite in my family and William said it was the ride he was most looking forward to.

Obi loved it because it was a boat ride and he loves boats and water.

Rosie decided she was a Pirate Princess and enjoyed playing in the Pirate shop at the end of the ride.

And that was day one of our magical adventure. Stay tuned for day two.

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