Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumkin Spiced Latte and Fevers

The other day the kids and I  went to the airport to pick up Nana.  Rosie loves going to the airport. She loves going on trips, but most of all she loves when other people come home from trips.

 Also, going to the airport always means a trip to Starbucks.

Don't worry, Rosie does not get a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. But I do, and it's fabulous. The real sign that Autumn has arrived. No matter how warm it still is.

Rosie gets a "pink coffee" which is just warmed milk with raspberry or strawberry in it.

Obi gets a soy "pink coffee" because he doesn't do well with dairy.

Today both the kids have colds and fevers. Their Daddy brought it home for them from one of his trips. He's got one too.

So far I haven't gotten it, but I do have a weird stomach ache from all the weird vitamins and immunity boosters I've been taking.

Don't I have the cutest little sicklings? 

It's a scientific fact that the best cure for colds is kisses (well, at least it should be).

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