Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Consignment Season

This is a very busy time of year for consignment sales. There are usually big sales every Spring and Fall. This weekend is the busy Fall weekend. There are 3 huge sales in our area that I know of.... I'm sure there are actually more.

Consignment sales are the best place to get clothes for the coming season. They are the best place to buy winter coats. Especially for growing children that need a new one every year.

They are also excellent places to buy children's Halloween costumes and Christmas dresses.

I find it a little bit hard to think about what the kids will need for Winter when it's 85 and humid outside. But I think I did pretty good this year. I even got my mom a winter coat for going out in the barn.

Rosie will tell you that the best part about consignment sales are the toys. This year I've been to two sales (so far) and I haven't brought home a single toy. That is quite an accomplishment for me because there are usually so many great ones.

The kids and I have a system. We look at clothes then we play with toys.... then we usually look at clothes again and then back to the toys. 

Today we went to a sale with this amazing car that actually drove!! I didn't get a picture of Rosie's shocked face when she stepped on the gas pedal and it went in reverse because I was trying to chase the car down.

It is a pretty awesome car though. 

I'm quite proud of my self for resisting buying it... although I really don't know how we would have gotten it home.

I guess we could have driven it.

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