Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy First Day of Autumn

 For the first day of Autumn we are having Apple Cider in Apple cups.

Also, baked apples from the cups that leaked.

We've been very busy playing and traveling and going to parks.

The babies are growing up so fast.

They still have the most wonderful smiles and they are such great little travelers and adventures. They love going to new parks and they both love swinging (one of my all time favorite Autumn activities).

I mentioned they were growing up super fast. They are both tall for their age.

They love playing together and Obi loves following his big sister around.

We make sure there is lots of dancing in our house.

We had a huge rain storm the other night and this little guy got washed down to the house. William and the kids poked at him and petted him for a while and then took him back up to the pond.

I tried to get Rosie to kiss him but she decided she wasn't interested in kissing any frogs.

Happy Autumn Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful end of Summer and a fantastic Fall. I know we already have lots of plans for this season.

Don't forget, we are 70 days till Advent and 93 days to Christmas!!

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