Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crazy Catholics.... and the fun we have

On June 1st, our church held their first annual “Eucharistic Procession” to celebrate the ancient Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ, historically known as Corpus Christi.

This Feast day has been celebrated by Catholics worldwide since the 11th century.

The word “Eucharist” comes from a Greek word which means gratitude or thanksgiving and is one of the names for Holy Communion, the bread and wine which become the Body and Blood of Christ at every Mass.

 A Eucharistic Procession takes one of those pieces of bread, or Christ’s Body, and makes Him the center of the event.

Our procession went down Highway 70, the center of our town, and it was recently mentioned in the Tennessee Register.

The bottom picture in the article of Father Michael carrying the Eucharist down the center of two was taken by William.

So what are those crazy Catholics going to do next?

Well since you asked, at Noon Eastern time churches across the United States are going to ring their bells on the 4th of July to celebrate religious freedom.

Let Freedom Ring, and all that...

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