Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

First of all, I got "in trouble" for never posting on the blog. Which is why I'm posting like crazy these days... also, When my in-laws asked me what we've been up to lately I said "not much" but in the same conversation said I was too busy to blog. So which is it?

Well both... but the kids are growing up way too fast and we do run around and do interesting things... like spending all day at the car dealership getting the car worked on... that I just need to write about it and post more pictures. Actually I need to remember to take more pictures.

So here we are, Blogging again....

So today I really wanted to get things done around the house. But Obadiah was being fussy and needy and just wanted to be held. Poor thing. I started to get frustrated and then I remembered the Ergo!

Rosie lived in the Ergo when she was Obi's age, but Obi is just so much more mobile than Rosie was that I just forgot about it. Until today.
So this is how we are getting things done today.
Rosie always hated being on my back. She wanted to be cuddled and held on the front. Obi likes it on the back though. He can watch what I'm doing and then can take a nap back there while I do the dishes.

This is fantastic. I'm off to do the dishes...

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  1. Really smart Michelle...Kids just want to be with mommy