Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mama's Chair

Did you have a "Mommy's chair" and "Daddy's chair" when you were growing up? A chair that was mostly reserved for Mommy or Daddy when they were home or during family movie nights? We did.

We still do actually. Except now we have Papa's chair and Nana's chair. And then we have my wonderful rocking chair which of course is Mommy's chair.
We don't seem to have a Daddy's chair though.

So inside the house is Mommy's chair but outside we only have this one grey camping chair that I hate. We used to have more but they got put away for winter and have never been seen again.
The grey chair had this lip that cuts off the circulation to the back of your legs, and it's covered in spider webs. It's also fabric so if you hose it off to get rid of the spiders you then have to sit in a soaking wet chair. It is also ridiculously difficult to get out of if you are pregnant (which i am not currently).
It is not my favorite chair.
Plus there is only one so only one person gets to sit.

Today while shopping for our back yard beach I got my self a "Mommy's chair" for outside.
It's plastic so it can be hosed down and dried off. Also, it seems hard for spiders to crawl up (several have tried already and I watch with satisfaction as they slid off).
It's comfortable enough to take a nap in.
And best of all, it's pink.

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