Saturday, June 29, 2013

Christmas Beach Party and Evening Sand Castles

Last week was 182 days till Christmas, exactly half way to that special day.

Naturally that means it was time to have a party. On Thursday some of our friends came over and we had a Beach Christmas party.

I only managed to take one picture before the party because once everyone got there we were having too much fun and I forgot to take more.

This is a picture of our center piece. Rosie picked out leas for every one and we put Christmas bows on boxes of Skittles to give everyone for a Half Christmas gift.
Then we played outside at our "beach" and ate homemade peppermint ice cream.

After everyone left I took some pictures of the kids, who had not had enough "beach" time, playing in their new sand box.
Remember that awesome pink chair I bought myself? 
I got a bunch more.
I like how the circle of chairs and citronella yard candles look like a birthday cake in the middle of our yard.
Is there anything cuter than naked babies playing outside? 
She works contently and concentrates so hard on her work.
  We ended up playing in the sandbox until well after dark with just the light from our yard candles and the fire flies.
It was so much fun and a perfect end to a really fun Christmas party.
 I love being outside with my little munchkins and I look forward to a wonderful Summer at our beach with them.
 If you come to visit we have a chair for you now, and we may even have some homemade ice cream.

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